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 I have been an organizer and have loved design and the fine arts for as long as I can remember.   As a child, I spent hours playing with building blocks and remember designing the layouts of homes I planned to live in when I was an adult.  

My love for the fine arts and design, lead me to taking a number of art classes in high school and in college.  I received a scholarship to the Art Institute of Chicago where I studied studio art.  Later, I finished my college career with my Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology from Eastern Illinois University.   

I grew up in a home that was filled with love but very little organization and function.   In fact, I remember closets being over crowded, cluttered and my mom running out of space to store things.  I helped my mom organize those trouble spots and found it easy to find unique ways of tidying up and organizing our home.  Later, I started helping friends and other family members organize their homes.  I gained a lot of organizing skills over the years by helping friends and family members.  In addition, I learned that I loved helping others and found organizing to be a peaceful and great way to decrease the feelings of chaos.  

Over the last twenty years, I’ve devoted my professional career as a child and family social worker and “wore several other hats and titles”, assisting others in developing healthier families.  Because I loved assisting others so much and found it easy to organize, I figured what better way to combine two qualities of mine.  So I decided to switch gears, follow my dreams and adventure into to the beautiful world of design, organization and entrepreneurship.  

Following my dream of becoming a professional organizer was very important to me because as a mom of two amazingly bright and “crazy fun” kids, Will and Ellie  (yes, the business name inspiration), my desire is to be an example and show them they could pursue what ever dream they have if they do the best they can and stay focused. 

My kids mean the world to me and the clients I meet and work with are treasured too.  My hope is to work with each person individually, encourage and develop easy, doable steps in obtaining each person’s goal of organizing the space they desire.  

My hope is to make your HOME YOUR HAVEN again!  


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